Sunday, February 26, 2017

Categories of Data

There may be different types of the data in an organization. Categorizing data can be treated as different levels of security. The general classification of data includes the following categories:

Public data is one which is made available to all without any restriction. It may be general information, instructions or guidelines, press releases and marketing materials. Public data is free to use, distribute and share without any legal restrictions.

Sensitive Data:
Sensitive data is termed as the data which needs to be protected from revealing to unwanted audience.  The access to sensitive data is provided to only few confidential persons and it should be safeguarded against unwanted disclosure. Privacy and security of such information is important for prevent tracking the activities, business risks. It may include personal information, trade secrets, financial data, etc.

Private Data:
Data that should be kept secret and whose accuracy should be maintained is termed as private data. It must not be accessible by others that whom it belongs to. It includes passwords, personal information, financial accounts, manufacturing secrets, etc. Proper security measure should be adopted to protect the private information from been misused.

Confidential Data:
Confidential data generally includes personal identity information such as user id, password, credit card details, banking details, identification details, etc. Unauthorized access to such information can cause severe damage and heavy losses to an individual or the organization. Extra caution should be taken into consideration to store, manage and protect such information from being accessed by other which can result in identity theft and financial losses.
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