Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Security Factors

Most security systems rely on the following four major factors to achieve security goals mentioned in CIA triad:

Authentication is a process of uniquely identifying a particular user or identity. Authentication only identifies the user from the database based on the identity. The most common way of authenticating a user is with login id and password. Other ways include biometric, token-based authentications, etc.

Authorization is a process of giving official rights and privileges after identifying a particular individual or entity to accomplish the tasks. Authorization process identifies the user and provides the resources which the user is authorized with and can use during the session.

Access Control:
Access control is a process of determining and assigning rights and privileges to various resources and data. With access control, one can limit and manage the areas of users which the user can work on. Access controls are very important for an organization to secure the access to crucial information and prevent data theft.


Auditing is the process of tracking and recording the activities, operations and resource access. Audit helps in securing the information by proper logging and monitoring the identity and activities performed by the users as well as the system activities and behavior. It is critical for ensuring the integrity of the information.
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