Saturday, February 25, 2017

Who are hackers?

Hackers are intelligent computer professionals who have learned and acquired knowledge of advanced techniques about operating systems, programming languages, and application software. Hackers try to gain in-depth knowledge of a system/network, and then use that information to find possible security gaps in it.

Hackers do not always intend to damage data or other system/network resources. They also share their knowledge and experience with other users, thereby highlighting security concerns. For example, a system engineer who detects the vulnerabilities of a network/system with the intention of suggesting better security measures will be hacker with positive intentions.

Depending on the mindset and intentions of a hacker, he or she can be divided into white hat, black hat and grey hat hackers.

In addition to the people with good knowledge and intentions, hackers may be categorized as:

Ø  Phreaks
Ø  Script Kiddies


Phreaks use computer devices and software to break into telecommunication networks. They use the security gaps in a telecommunication network to make free phone calls and may also try to charge them to legitimate telephone users. Such an act is known as phreaking.

Script Kiddies

Script kiddies are individuals who have inadequate technical skills to hack into systems. They utilize already available information about know vulnerabilities to break into computer systems and networks.

Script kiddies break into remote systems by using the internet, usually for fun or just out of curiosity. However, it is interesting to know that script kiddies usually do not have any specific targets for their attacks nor do they use special methodologies.

Script kiddies generally use free hacking tools available on the internet to search for any computer that may be connected to a network, but which is not secure enough to counter such an attack. After finding a target computer, script kiddies may damage the resources and information stored on the target computer.

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