Thursday, March 2, 2017

Security building blocks - CIA Triad

A secure zone may bedefined as the area where all outbound and inbound communcaitons regulates using policies and rules. Just as the construction of a building starts with bricks and mortar, every security implementation starts with a series of fundamental building blocks.

The CIA triad is a fundamental building block in information security. It is a model to imply the policies structure used in information security mechanisms. The CIA triad stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Confidentiality implies the set of policies and rules which helps in keeping information and communications private and protecting them from reaching to unauthorized recipients. It also ensures that it will only be intended and delivered to the write people.

It helps in safeguarding information from unauthorized people using different mechanism which includes encryptions, security protocols, security algorithms, and access controls rights.

Integrity includes keeping the information accurate, consistent, prevent unauthorized modification. It helps in maintaining the value of the information since wrong information can leads to heavy business losses.

Integrity ­­ensures that data is not altered, tempered or deleted in transition from one place to another by any unauthorized person. Integrity measure includes permissions and access controls rights. Data copies or redundant data must be available at different locations in case of any such circumstances to restore the original data copy.

Information available is useless unless the users can access it. It is valuable only when it is accessible to authorized personals as and when required round the clock. Availability ensures the system operates continuously.

It includes hardware maintenance/repairing, disaster recovery plans when needed. It also includes active software licenses and system updates. Availability helps in attaining no or minimum downtime by providing necessary communication bandwidth and implementing proxies firewalls along with data backup copies at different locations/servers in case of hardware failures or any disasters.

The CIA is fundamental concept in information security which is an important factor in designing and implementing any secure system. Failing to properly implement any of the three leads to the unsecure system and the security is threatened.
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