Sunday, April 16, 2017

MIN() in SQL Server

SQL MIN() function is used to return the minimum of all values in a column. The MIN() can only be applied on ANY type of column.  For character columns, MIN finds the lowest value in the collating sequence. The MIN() determines the minimum of all the non-NULL values in the columns, NULL values are ignored.


            SELECT MIN(ALL | DISTINCT column_name) FROM table_name

column_name is the name of the column of which total occurrences is to be calculated.

table_name is the name of the table

Example 1:
MIN() on numeric column.

SELECT * FROM TempEmployeePayHistory

SELECT MIN(Rate) FROM TempEmployeePayHistory

Example 2:
MIN() on date column.

          SELECT * FROM DatabaseLog

SELECT MIN(PostTime) FROM DatabaseLog

Example 3:
MIN() on text column.

          SELECT MIN([Event]) FROM DatabaseLog

Example 4:
MIN() with GROUP BY clause.

SELECT Event, MIN(PostTime) FROM DatabaseLog GROUP BY [Event]

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