Saturday, April 8, 2017

sp_helptext in SQL server

sp_helptext is used to view the code/text or content of the unencrypted stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers and view.


            sp_helptext @objname = 'name'
            sp_helptext [@objname=] 'name' [,[@columnname=] computed_column_name

[ @objname = ] 'name'

Is the name of a object. Quotation marks are required only if a qualified object is specified. If a fully qualified name, including a database name, is provided, the database name must be the name of the current database. The object must be in the current database. name is nvarchar(776), with no default.

[ @columnname = ] 'computed_column_name'

Is the name of the computed column for which to display definition information. The table that contains the column must be specified as name. column_name is sysname, with no default.


In the query window, enter the following statement that uses the sp_helptext system stored procedure. Change the database name and stored procedure name to reference the database and stored procedure that you want.

USE AdventureWorks2008; 
EXEC sp_helptext N'AdventureWorks2008.dbo.uspLogError';

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