Sunday, December 31, 2017

Calculate Distance Between Two Lat Long in SQL Server

SQL SERVER provides the geometry data type which stores the spatial data type. To calculate the distance between two lat longs in sql server, the point should be stored in "geometry" data type.


STDistance returns the shortest line distance between two points in a geometry.

Example 1:
STDistance() on numeric column.

@sourceLAT VARCHAR(10),
@sourceLONG VARCHAR(10),
@destinationGEO GEOGRAPHY,
@destinationLAT VARCHAR(10),
@destinationLONG VARCHAR(10)

SET @sourceLAT = '28.412676'
SET @sourceLONG = '77.314813'
SET @sourceGEO = geography::Point(@sourceLAT, @sourceLONG, 4326)

SET @destinationLAT = '28.413686'
SET @destinationLONG = '77.357664'
SET @destinationGEO = geography::Point(@destinationLAT, @destinationLONG, 4326)

          ROUND(@sourceGEO.STDistance(@destinationGEO), 2) AS [DISTANCE (Meter)],
          ROUND((@sourceGEO.STDistance(@destinationGEO)) / 1000, 2) AS [DISTANCE (KM)]

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